Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week Long Birthday Celebration

For my 34th Birthday this year, it was especially good despite what an abnormal year that I had year. At work, my co-worker decorate my cube crazy with streamers and hole punches paper all over my desk. Janet took me out for my breakfast and lunch. I even got a present of the Kung Fu Panda's movie and sequel.

This year, on my Birthday (9th), I went out to dinner with one of my friend and we had a good time of fellowship and just catching up. Still don't know what happen or what I ate that night, that cause me to have Food Poisoning. I was very sick. I was worry that I wasn't able to enjoy the rest of my Birthday Weekend. I had previously set up dinner plans for the weekend and following weeks with my friends.

On Saturday, my cousin, Winnie, from Hawaii was still in town from her visiting since Christmas. Therefore, Winnie, Katty, Thinh, and my sister took me to Koto for dinner and then to Ruggles Bakery for dessert. Afterward, we went to see a movie. I enjoy the time spent together, since all of my cousins are usually spread far apart in different area. I really enjoy the time together.

On Sunday, Phyllis, Dicson, Daniel, Ceci & Raymond took me to Pappadeux for dinner. Unfortunately, that night, I forgot to bring my Camera, so I didn't take any pictures at all.

On Monday, I went to dinner with Jasmine & Eunice to celebrate Eunice's birthday also along with mine. It's been a long time since we had a good dinner together. Had a good time to catch up.

On Tuesday, my parents took me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday.

Finally, this past Thursday, I finally got to went out with Janet and Melanie (my co-worker back in the days of BNY). We went to Cheesecake Factory. It was especially nice and sweet of a get together. Since Janet was leaving soon to Toronto for Traning for 3 months over there. Melanie works at a different place, so we don't get together often enough to catch up.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some of you might know that a lot of things had happen to my family and my usual surroundings in the last 7 months. During those months, I had contemplated of going to different churches and making a lot of changes in my life. I finally decided during the months after I came back from my family vacation that I would try to go to different church at the beginning of the year. Since I haven't really told anyone of totally leaving SWCBC. I decide to start going to another church when it's a combine worship.

This Sunday was the 1st Sunday that I'm able to do that. So, I went to FBCC with Janet. I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what to expect. When I got there this morning, I wasn't as nervous maybe it's because I had someone that I know sitting next to me, or keeping me company. I think that I'll try to continue to go back to FBCC for the next several weeks. They will have their combine service with the Youths.

After worship, Janet would introduce me to her friends and saw some of the people that I used to see when I was attending their Woman's Bible Study. It was nice to see them again, along with others. Since she was leaving for Toronto in 2 weeks,a lot of people at church would stop her and talk to her.

When we were eating lunch, Janet made a comment that "I don't think that you'll ever stop going to your church". I guess that I was just somehow surprise that she had made that comment. Was it true? Why does she think so? Why am I so afraid to make any kind of changes to my life right now. Am I truly happy at where my life is at now? Maybe Janet is right? I don't even know what I want? I'm just so used to my routine right now. I believe that everything happen for a reason. There has to be a reason why everything happen and now, I'm able to make whatever decisions that I want as far as picking which church to go to. Before, I had to go where my dad was the pastoring. Now, that he's no longer the pastor of that church, I can go freely wherever, but yet I find it very hard. Maybe it's because I've been so routine to the same church for the past 20+ years, all of a sudden, I have the opportunity to go, and I don't know how because I've accustomed to the few friends that I had.

Dear God, I ask that you'll give me guidance as what I should do with picking which church to go to? I'm really lost and confuse on what I want to do. I ask for your help.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How well do you know anyone?

Do you really know your co-worker? They are someone that you see more than your own families. You eat breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner together. Sometimes they are the only one that you can share your work frustrations with them because they are the only ones that fully understand your pain.
You know, just when you thought you know your co-worker, "bam" it knock you on the ground that they are not what you think they are. Just because they have some kind of power, they use it to the extreme. They would back-stabbed you and pretend to be someone that they are not.
So, just when you know you couldn't depend on your co-worker and think that you can at least trust your friends that you had known for many years or sometimes majority of your life. What if you find out those people can't be trusted either because they are not what you think anymore.
At a time like this, I am lost for words and would start to see those peoples very differently each time when I talk to them. I wonder why all of a sudden every people that I met are not someone that I can trust anymore.
The only people that I can trust for sure is God. God, I ask for your help to help me find the right people that I can trust.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve tonight and as usual there is candle night service at my church. But this year, its the opposite of the usual Christmas eve service. Why do you ask? I've been so use to having my parents together at the service and I would go to church and see many familiar faces. But this year is different because my parents and I no longer goes to the same church as me. The same church that we been to for my last 30+ years of my life. This year, my parents went to a different church for Christmas eve service, because just several months ago, my dad the senior pastor of the church that I had known for the last 20+ years had decide to resign from his positions. Since then, my family has never been the same.

What is the meaning of Christmas? Beside the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas also means that family would use this time to come together and spend time together. Unfortunately, the last several months, I can count the number of times that our family is together. I miss the old days of having the same family in the same church.

I pray that God will use this moment to make me stronger during my time of alone and missing families around me.

Dear heavenly father, I thank you for everything that you have provide me. I continue to ask for your guidance in helping me how to find the right church for me. I ask that you would provide the job that you have intent for me. Amen.

Friday, December 19, 2008

New Workspace

I finally decide to move my computer facing a different direction today.

Before, my seat was facing the corner and not much working room to do anything or put anything. Also, i don't like my phone and calculator on the left side of me.

Now, I move my computer to the left side a little bit and facing left side of my cubicle wall. I also move my calculator and my phone to the right side also. I'm trying to reorganize my desk to have more room to work with.

See the new workspace.....i'll have to take another picture of my previous workspace.

But the Real Workspace that i's my friend, Janet. I'll take a picture of her cubicle and show you. Unfortunately, I have a director that's not very nice and cooperative to let us move the cubicle, b/c all he cares about it's just cost.

I spend the whole day today moving around the computer, monitor and everything.

Now, all I need it's a reflective mirror to put on my monitor so i can see anybody that's coming up behind me. I went to Office Depot, and they don't have it.
If anybody knows where I can find it, let me know...


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Working Out....

It's been a very long time,so long that i don't remember the last time that I went to go workout. Every now and then, Janet would ask me if I'm going to Kickboxing class. I would either just ignore her or something would come up where I don't have to go. So, this Monday, she continue to ask if I was going. Originally, I had someone coming to my house at 5:30pm, but in the last minute, he call and had to cancel. So I didn't tell her, just told her that I would try to go if I can make it by 7pm. It was definitely difficult because I wanted to just stay home. But I didn't, I went to class.

When Tuesday morning roll around, I begin to feel sore on both upper thighs. I left work at 4:30pm because didn't really feel like working till 5:00pm. All of a sudden, when I was standing at the traffic light and ready to cross the street, I had a sudden pain in both of my upper thighs. I was soooo painful, I thought the pain was never going away. I got worry. When I finally got to the P&R, it was only 5:04pm, Janet ask me if I was going to the 5:45pm "steps" class. On the way home, I was thinking, I really need to go back and not stop this moment of going to work out. So, I went home, change and went to class. I wasn't sure how much I was able to do because I was in sooo much pain. I can hardly walk or anything else. I try my best, but I was able to finish the class. That night, it was very painful.

On Wednesday morning, getting out of bed was totally painful.

Overall, I'm glad that Janet was persistent to keep asking me to go and be her workout buddy. Thanks Janet. You're Awesome !!!

With so much free time that I have now these days, I'll try to see if I can schedule another time to LA Fitness. Maybe a Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Which one should I get ? Pearl or Curve

Well, I finally went and pick up the Blackberry on Thursday. Unfortunately, it wasn't working properly until today. I play with the Curve in the morning, trying all the different applications. Then in the afternoon, I download and try all the other applications that I would normally use on my PC. I was disappointed because I couldn't find SKYPE on it...but after searching more and more..I finally find ISKOOT that actually has SKYPE for Blackberry, and it's FREE...Of course I download it and try it out.

After playing with the whole day...I think that I've finally made up my mind...I'm going to switch it to the Curve..because of the Wi-Fi and must easier to type on the keyboard. With wifi, I can get Hot Spots for free...not bad huh?

I'm pretty excited....